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Five Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Coordinator

Sure, we all can Google “How to plan a wedding.” Orrrrrr you can hire someone with the experience and passion for the humongous task at hand. Here are five roles we play in planning and coordinating your wedding so that you don't have to.

The Referee

A wedding has many moving parts and numerous people that bring it all together. Sometimes, those people can find a way to work together seamlessly. Other times, it’s very difficult. A function of the wedding coordinator is to be the glue between all the moving parts to make sure they work together well. The planner will have contact info for everyone and make sure they keep the other vendor parties on time and on task. On the wedding day, this occurs down to the minute. Without a coordinator, the other vendors have to confer with the almost-married couple and family which adds to the stress of the day. Instead, the wedding coordinator takes on that stress as a liaison and leaves the couple and family to focus on themselves on the wedding day and enjoy it.

The Analyst

Wedding coordinators are expert problem solvers. Know why? It’s not because we’re all educationally gifted or have computers for brains. It’s because of the experience of working weddings frequently. For most brides/grooms, this is your first wedding. For the average to above average planner, we work a wedding practically every weekend so we’ve seen it all, from behind the scenes and in front. Admittedly, it may have been through trial and error but, over time, coordinators have garnered a solution to most problems that occur during a wedding. The really good ones anticipate the problems before they even occur. And, luckily, since our only job is to keep your event running smoothly, we do not have to stop the train to fix any surprise issues as your mother or sister might have to do if you gave them the job of coordinating your wedding on the day-of.

The Timekeeper

*Tick tock*, *tick tock* The constant sound in the back of a planner's mind as soon as they get your file and learn when your wedding date is. The countdown begins. We are constantly ruminating on what tasks need to be completed from month to month until the all-important day arrives. It gets even more serious on the day-of. We literally create timelines down to the minute starting from when the venue allows us in the door until your grand exit at the end of the night. From our discussion with you, we know what special moments you want to have on your day. You only get one wedding (hopefully) so we want to ensure that every special moment that you desire to have on your *very special day* is executed.

The Therapist

Just like a therapist, a coordinator has to take the brunt of the emotional needs of the couple and family. It makes sense that weddings bring out a lot of feelings for the people connected to it and those feelings are across the spectrum. At any given wedding, you might see the stressed mother-of-the-bride, nervous groom, or the burned-out bride. The coordinator has the training and the impartiality to deal with this. Just like a therapist, we have the words that you didn’t know you needed to hear because we see this every weekend and know where it’s coming from. Without a coordinator, many things go unresolved or could bubble over which takes away from the happiness of the day. Our main goal is for the couple to enjoy their experience and relish on their wedding day.

The Choreographer

“And a “one, and a “two...” A choreographer is a person who composes the sequence of steps and moves for dance performances. In a similar fashion, your wedding planner will compose the sequence of steps for your wedding and the people in it. Starting at the rehearsal, your coordinator is the person who gets everyone in line, literally. He/she cues, slows, and speeds up your performance as needed. And, occasionally, depending on the size of your wedding party, there may actually be some snapping and feet stomping involved. The big groups get hype.

The roles of a wedding planner/coordinator are extensive. The good part is we love it. The best part is we are serving you on your most special day.

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